The mass production of crystal chandelier pendants in Turkey started in 1940 with two Venetian glass artisans who escaped from World War II and established a small workplace. In the following years the Turkis who learned the production of chandelier pendants from those artisans established a partnership and through the sponsorship of Mr. Fehmi Bey, they established the first factory that produce crystal chandelier pendants in Bayrampasa, istanbul. This production under the roof of that first factory continued till 1969. The hand cut crystal chandelier pendants which were produced in Mr. Fehmi Bey company are still decorating the palaces, mosques and houses with their marvelous, shining appearances in Turkey.

1974- Our family with 4 employees established our own crystal chandelier pendants factory in ikitelli, istanbul Turkey

1985- We built our own factory building in İkitelli and moved to our new factory with 3.000 m2 production areas with 250 employees. We have been producing both crystal chandelier pendants and crystal jewelry Stones till this date.

1985- We started to export our chandelier pendants to all Europe, America and all other countries in the world together with the establishment of our factory in Austria.

1987- We established our investigation and development department and started to work on producing automatic machines for crystal chandelier pendants.

1989- We designed our first semi-automatic low capacity prototype production machine for crystal chandelier pendants.

1999- We designed our first full-automatic cutting and polishing machine for producing the jewelry stones, Chaton, Beads, pendants, fancy stones, crystal buttons, cup chains and established a new company, “Genmak Crystal”. We started to sell jewelry stones to all over the world and became a trade mark.

2006- Designed by our company, the computer controlled full automatic machines which can both cut and polish the crystal chandelier pendants started to produce the best quality chandelier pendants to all over the world .

2008- Our company took ISO 9001 Quality certificate to prove the production quality of chandelier pendants.

2008- We were producing over 200 types of chandelier stones with “lead free crystal glass” same quality we “%30 Pbo Crystal Glass” which is friendly to the nature and the World with marvelous looking machine cut and shine and quality with a great capacity.

Please order samples to test our quality.  

Istanbul Crystal Ltd

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